Wednesday, August 6, 2008

i'm back!

get ready for a classic jack picture. mom says i'm too cute for my own good whatever that means. she said make a big smile and i made the classic jack face.

whoops not that one. she caught me mid-sneeze.

there we go. look how cute. if i do say so myself.

grandma has been hounding me to update my blog. geez, i'm only 5 months old grandma!! kenzie didn't even start blogging until she was one! and i have noticed that she's only been doing pink saturday lately and not much else and i think its because she's so busy playing with her friends that she can't be bothered with the internet, but i'm just a baby what do i know?

i know that i got weighed yesterday and they said 19 pounds 13 ounces and mom said what a chunk and blew rasberries on my cheek. and i've finally figured out how to get around a bit. i can spin on the floor and scoot. i just have to learn how to alternate my hands and knees and i'm all over mackenzie's little toys!! they just look so appetizing.

my mohawk is pretty much gone now. i don't know what happened. i guess old age. even still, i have more hair than my dad.